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Siu-Fong Evans Tai Chi (Taiji, Taichi, T'ai Chi), Mulan, Qigong (Chi Gong)
Head Instructors Jing Jing (Lui Guojing) Evans Tai Chi, Mulan, Wushu
Christopher Mendoza Wushu (Wu Shu), Kung fu (Kungfu, Gongfu)
Wei, Jinglin (Wei Wei) Wushu, Kung fu, Tai Chi, Bagua, Xing Yi, Push Hands, etc.
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Assistant Instructors and Staff
Bill Reid Tai Chi
David Adams (Alumnus)  Wushu, Kung Fu
Dustin Stern-Garcia (Alumnus) Wushu, Kung Fu
Farhan Chowdhury (Alumnus) Wushu, Kung Fu, Performance Team Leader
John Murphy Wushu, Kung Fu, San Da
Kevin Walda Tai Chi
Krishangi Groover (Alumnus) Wushu, Kung Fu, Performance Team Leader and Choreographer
Matthew Tay (Alumnus) Tai Chi, Bagua, Wushu, Choreography
Stephanie Fried (Alumnus) Tai Chi
Wesley Gonzales (Alumnus) Wushu Choreography
吕少芳 Siu-Fong Evans
Hall of Fame, USA Wushu Kungfu Federation:
     Internal Athlete of the Year 2000.
     Coach of the Year 2001.

Siu-Fong founded the JING Institute in October 2001, two years after she had started the San Diego Taiji and Qigong Association.  She teaches all forms and styles of Tai Chi (Yang, Chen, Wu, and Sun styles, and more), Qigong, and Mulan Quan. She has won international recognition for her grace and power, and is known as the "US Queen of Taiji." She is widely written about in Chinese, English, and Japanese, and is herself a published poet and a professor of Chinese language.

The White Crane 28-Form Health Exercise & Qigong
About Siu-Fong Evans
The Lady of Taiji in Kungfu Taichi Magazine
Siu-Fong Evans' Masters
Siu-Fong's Tai Chi Tournament Record


Jing Jing (吕国晶 Lui Guojing Evans)
Hall of Fame, USA Wushu Kungfu Federation:
     Internal Athlete of the Year 2001.

Jing Jing teaches Taiji.  She studies primarily from her mother, Siu-Fong Evans, but has also trained with some of the greatest names in Taiji: Master Chen Daoyun, Master Li Deyin, Master Chen Sitan, and Master WeiWei.   Jing Jing also teaches Wushu and performs the GuZheng (Chinese Zither) (though not at the same time).

Jing Jing is the chief contact for and organizer of the JING Performance Team.

Lui Guojing Evans' Tournament Record
About Jing Jing Evans

Christopher Mendoza
Program Director, Wushu Instructor

Christopher Mendoza has been in the martial arts since early childhood. He trained for years in Traditional Kung-Fu and earned a black belt in Shotokan Karate before he finally discovered and fell in love with Wushu.

Chris has studied Wushu primarily with the world-renowned King of Eagle Claw, Master Luo Li of the SiChuan Wushu Team. He now shares the greatness of Wushu and the glory of SiChuan-style training with the students of JING when he is on the mats, and puts his elite MBA to good use as the JING Program Director when off the mats.

"The JING Institute prides itself on professionalism. We teach as much as possible in the traditional Chinese way, except where we can improve upon it for our American students and tailor it to their goals and abilities.

"Our goal as a school is to share the beauty and magic of Chinese Martial Arts, as a culture, as a performance art, as a social sport, and as a great way to gain and maintain health. The type of exercises we do in Chinese Martial Arts are extremely complete, involving more flexibility, balance, and coordination than used in most other sports. Chinese Martial Arts are fun and mentally challenging, involving many circular movements and whole-body coordinations; and you may find that the flexibility, strength, agility, and artistry you gain from training makes everyday life is a little easier, and a lot more fun."

"My goal as an instructor at JING is the same as my Master's (Luo Li): '..to make my student's skill better than mine. That is a sign of a good teacher.'"

魏靖霖 Wei, Jinglin (Wei Wei)
Wushu Instructor

Coach Wei is originally of the Jiangsu Wushu Team, where he was first a Team Member and later became a Coach.  He further studied at the Beijing Sports University, where he underwent special training with Professor Men HuiFeng (husband of the other renown grandmaster and , Kan GuiXiang, creator of the Chen 56 and Chen 36 Routines), Eight Dan Wushu Master and Vice President of the China Wushu Association.  Coach Wei has acted in movies and helped renown masters write books about the history and philosophy of Wushu.  He has over 30 years of experience in performing, teaching, and judging Wushu. 

More recently, his students have excelled in such prestigious international competitions as K-Star and the Junior World Wushu Games.  His own specialty is in Wushu Double Weapons and traditional Tai Chi (Taiji), Xing Yi, and Bagua.

Bill Reid
Tai Chi Instructor

Bill came to Jing soon after we opened in 2001. After partaking in many different styles of Japanese martial arts over the years, he decided to try his hands in Chinese Martial Arts. He instantly fell in love with Tai Chi as it blended well with his calm demeanor. Bill has competed and medaled in multiple Chinese Martial Arts tournaments.  He is known at JING as "Gentle Bill."

David Adams
Wushu Instructor

David Adams is an inspirational Wushu artist. He is a powerful performer, a driven athlete, and a very patient and caring instructor. He has been doing martial arts for many years, and we are proud to have him at JING.

David teaches Wushu/Kungfu and is a leader in the JING Performance Team.  He specializes in Broadsword, Staff, and Southern styles.

Dustin Stern-Garcia
Wushu Instructor

Dustin is currently a student at SDSU studying music (violin) and English literature.  He qualified for the US Traditional Wushu Team in 2008, and in 2009 trained at Shanghai Sports University with their professional team, including Zhu Dong and Xi Bing Si and other top athletes. Dustin has competed and medaled in Wushu in various Chinese Martial Arts competitions around the United States. He specializes in Changquan, Jian, Qiang, and Chuo Jiao Fanzi.
Farhan Chowdhury
Wushu Instructor, Wushu Performance Team Leader

Farhan Chowdhury teaches Wushu and Abacus and art at JING. He has been training in Wushu with JING since 2009, and is a valued member of the JING Competition Team and Performance Team. Farhan is also a college student working towards his degree in accounting, and a prolific amateur artist.

John Murphy
Wushu and San Da Instructor

John D. Murphy teaches Wushu at JING. He has studied and taught a number of martial arts since the age of thirteen, and brings with him a breadth of knowledge in Muay Thai, Ninjitsu, gymnastics, and (our favorite) herpetology.

Kevin Walda
Tai Chi Instructor

Kevin trained for many years in Iado and other Japanese Martial Arts before coming to JING and taking up Tai Chi.  His detailed analysis and hard training in Tai Chi have resulted in him becoming a performer, competitor, and teacher to make JING proud.   

Kevin holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry and a J.D.

Krishangi Groover
Wushu Instructor
Performance Team Leader and Choreographer

Krishangi started training with U.S. National Wushu Team coach Lu Xiaolin when she was only 6 years old, and has competed in numerous national and international tournaments since. She has performed in many venues, including multiple demonstrations for the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C., and was on the Lion Dance team from a young age. Krishangi also was one of few select students to perform for military events, and was a performer in the annual 4th of July Parade and National Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington D.C.

Krishangi has been the vital and very responsible Leader of the JING Wushu Performance Team at JING since 2008, and has been assisting with the daily operations of JING since she first arrived in San Diego in 2005. Krishangi been training with the venerable Coach Wei Wei (Wei Jinglin) since 2008.

Krishangi studies Geology at SDSU, and, as of Summer 2010, is working on her Honors Thesis.  

Matthew Tay
Tai Chi Instructor

Matthew had the desire to learn martial arts from a very young age, inspired by his mother's stories about Kung Fu masters who would outwit their opponents and beat armies single-handedly. It was only when he entered UCSD that he had the opportunity to learn, however. Matthew started with Jing Jing's UCSD Tai Chi class and was soon performing for national audiences and competing in advanced divisions. Before long, Matthew was teaching.  Matthew now trains directly under Coach Wei Jinglin, and, under his instruction, was ranked in 2009 by the USAWKF as 4th in Tai Chi in the USA.

Matthew studies Dance at UCSD, and is due to graduate in 2011.

Stephanie Fried
Tai Chi Instructor
Also Choreographs

Stephanie studied Aikido in Boston before coming to San Diego and Tai Chi. She has a refined eye and always shows great attention to the nuances of Tai Chi. Stephanie sews her own performances silks, and often choreographs her own performance and competition routines, which she invariably performs to great commendation.  Stephanie enjoys sharing her love of Tai Chi with other people and see it make positive changes in their lives; she finds that watching her students improve over the course of weeks and months is immensely gratifying.

Stephanie studies Oceanic Acoustics at UCSD, and is due to graduate with her Ph.D. in 2011.

Wesley Gonzales
Wushu, Choreographer

Wesley Gonzales is one of the highly skilled Choreographers of the JING Performance Team. He has proven his talent for Wushu often on stage, in the tournament ring, and in class.  He currently does most of his work out of Hollywood.

Wesley has studied Wushu at the JING Institute of Chinese Martial Arts & Culture; in Beijing, China, at Shi Sha Hai Wushu School; and at the Shanghai Wushu Training Center. Wesley has trained under the following Professional Wushu Athletes: Xu Buyin, Huang Qin, Li Jing, Liu Yang, Fu Yang, Qiu Dongxing, and Coach Wei.

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