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San Diego Tai Chi, Kungfu, Wushu Academy – JING is the best! San Diego Tai Chi instructors - Siu-Fong and Jing Jing are the best! San Diego Tai Chi with precision and elegance - JING is the only one! JING is the friendliest, largest, most powerful and “most beautiful” San Diego Tai Chi & Kung Fu school you can ever find. No other San Diego Tai Chi school can give you the quality that will qualify you to the World Wushu Championships & the 2008 Olympics.

Siu-Fong Evans has studied under the following masters:

Beijing, China

  • Grandmaster Li De Yin, Vice Chairman of Beijing Wushu Association, One of the "Top Ten Martial Arts Master", Professor of Physical dept. of People's University (Renmin Daxue)
  • Grandmaster Chen Sitan, World Taiji Champion, Champions of World Championship, Asian Games, and China National Games; Director of Wushu Association of China, Member of CPPCC National Committee
  • Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei, Vice President of Henan Wushu Association, One of the "Top Ten Martial Arts Master"
  • Master Huo Dong Li, National highest level coach and judge, member of Beijing Wushu Association
  • Tai Chi Master Xu Hong-Ming, Licensed highest level coach, Western District
  • Master Qin Yan-Bo, Chinese Wu Shu Association
  • Master Chen Guo-Rong, National Olympic Physical Education Center, Chinese Wu Shu Research Center
  • Master Wang Jian-Hua, Beijing Institute of Physical Education


  • Tai Chi Master George Young, Chinese-American Taiji and Qigong Asssociation
  • Tai Chi Master Simmone Kuo, Lien-Ying Tai-Chi Chuan Association
  • Tai Chi Master Abraham Liu


  • Master Zhao Zhuxi

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