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The Lady of Taiji, Siu-Fong Evans

by Abraham Liu

"Knowing Siu-Fong Evans' past dominance in internal (taiji) grand championships, is it any surprise that her lovely daughter, Lui Guojing Evans, took over the mantle and raised the 2001 trophy?" -Kungfu Qigong Magazine, May/June 2002

Siu-Fong Evans, known as a Tai Chi Chih Gong lady, a college professor and published writer in Chinese, has broken whatever records there have been in taiji. In just two years, Siu-Fong has participated in nine international tournaments and won a total of 71 medals, 54 of which are gold. On top of that, the USA Wushu Kungfu Federation (USAWKF) has entered Siu-Fong in the "Hall of Fame" as "Internal Athlete of the Year 2000, Coach of the Year 2001". Now she is a coach and a taiji judge of all major styles (Yang, Chen, Wu & Sun styles) through out the USA in major tournaments. She teaches Tai Chi Chih Gong (Qigong), performed in masters' demo, appeared in TV, magazines, newspapers in China and the USA. In San Diego, she is considered as the Best Taiji Lady. She was honored as "Queen of Taiji" in the Chinese Newspaper: Shijie Ribao! Taiji masters and Chinese scholars admire her for the way she is. Some even wrote about her. See article and poem below.

Click here: Abraham Liu's published article in Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine about Siu-Fong Evans

article-qianxinian, Jing Jing in China, article-Jing Jing won Gold, article-Japanese and Vietnamese

A Poem for Siu-Fong Evans
Master Gary Kingcade, Texas

the TREE of life has many branches
some weak   some strong
you are strong

there are leaves of many sizes
some large   some small
you are small

the leaves come in many colors
some bright   some dull
you are bright

the TREE sheds all its leaves
some early   some late
you'll fall last

all will drop to the ground
some stepped on   some blown away
you'll be picked up

all leaves will complete their destiny
some remembered   some forgotten
I will remember You

A Published Chinese Poem for Siu-Fong from Famous Poet Wang Zhe Feng
August 20, 1999

Published Chinese article about Siu-Fong and her daughter Jing Jing
Siu-Fong's tournament record
Siu-Fong's Taiji masters

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