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White Crane 28-Form Health Exercise
Strengthen Your Body to Heal and Cure With NO Side Effect!

Qigong + Taiji

A combination of the best elements of ancient and modern Chinese most effective health exercises:
Qigong + Taiji + Baduanjin (Eight Silk Brocade) + Yijinjing (Chinese Yoga) + more
This exercise is easy to learn and guarantee that your whole body will feel the heat and the vital energy, and the flow of qi in about one month.

You will not only feel it, but also see it in your palms and other parts of your body. You will improve your balance and coordination and immune system to fight against flu, back ache, mystical illness and chronicle pain. It is one of the best and perfect exercises for all in modern life, and for all ages. Why take expensive pills and get side effects to ruin your body?

You are welcome to visit us and talk to our students. Listen to their true stories and be impressed!

For more scientific information about Qigong, please read article by Dr. Shin Lin


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