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Authenticity of JING's Chinese Martial Arts

Q: Are you authentic? What generation of what lineage are you? How can I trust that you're for real and are any good?
A: "What lineage is Jet Li? Which generation is he? Is he for real? How about Bruce Lee?"
We welcome you to come into our studio, observe our classes, and watch the videotapes we have of the All-China National Games - decide for yourself if we are authentic or not.

Q: How do you compare to other Kung Fu Tai Chi schools?
A: In San Diego:
(1) We are the only Chinese Martial Arts School certified by Chinese Wushu Association and USA Wushu Kung Fu Federation.
(2) We can prove to you that our quality is comparable to the professional Wushu/Kungfu/Tai Chi Athletes of China. We have a great Competition-size floor, great demo tapes, professional tapes from China, and very Professional Instructors!
Note: Talking is easy. Seeing is believing. Let JING show you some REAL Kung Fu Quality!
(3) We are the only school to teach competition routines and compulsory (international) forms at the professional level .
(4) We are the only school to train students for competition in the World Wushu Championships and Asian Games.
(5) We have great prices and a flexible, yet structured program, and no extra fees!
(6) JING's Tai Chi and Wushu coaches are born and raised in the Chinese Culture and are professionally trained in China.
(7) Siu-Fong and Jing Jing Evans have been honored as the
Queen and Princess of Taiji in the USA.
(8) We are very honest, have nothing to hide and will show you everything to prove to you our quality is real!

This is only a short list of how we excel as a school. Come to JING and let us show you more! We welcome all visitors all the time.
When you compare us with other schools, you will see the big differences!

Q: There are many Martial Arts schools in San Diego - why should I study at JING?
(1) Choosing a Wushu/Kung Fu or Tai Chi coach is like choosing a physician: a good one can do you great good; an inappropriate one can waste your time and resources.
(2) Bad habits develop early and easily. Good form can last you a lifetime.
Choose wisely.

If you read WHY JING? and our Instructors' Records,, you will be impressed!

Q: Do you have a Black Belt system?
A: The Chinese Wushu Association does not have a belt system, so we have decided not to, either. Click here to find out what system is used in China.

Q: What do you mean by "professional Wushu team athlete"?
A: Professional athletes are recruited as children (generally 6-12 years old) by state-sponsored professional Wushu teams; they are taken away from home to live with the team (with children and parents' permission, of course); and they are trained 8-10 hours a day, every day. The athletes might not see their parents very often, depending on how far their team is from their home. Training is extremely intense, and athletes master almost all the traditional and contemporary forms, including Shaolin Kung fu, Emei, and Wudang and many, many weapons. Hence, professional athletes have amazing flexibility, fantastic stamina, and overall physical attributes that normal people don't usually think possible.

Professional Wushu team athletes are living, breathing embodiments of Chinese Martial Arts. They are trained to a higher degree, and held to higher standards. They need to know everything, and be able to do everything: Traditional and Contemporary, Northern and Southern, Internal and External. In San Diego, there is only One school that can offer Professional Wushu Team Training: JING!

Q: What are the differences between Kung Fu / Wushu and other martial arts?
A: Judo is a sport that involves primarily throwing and grappling. It is very similar to western wrestling, and was invented in the late 1800s by Jigoro Kano, in Japan, specifically as a sport.

Karate was originally an Okinawan method of combat that almost completely dispenses with throws. Its blocks are hard and it is a power-oriented style.

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean art, similar to karate, that emphasizes the feet as weapons. It is also very power oriented.

Kung Fu / Wushu has both hard and soft elements. It is much more elegant than most other martial arts, and requires more coordination, balance, flexibility, and wholehearted relaxation; it is therefore a more broad and complex system of combat than that of many other styles.

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Q: I have absolutely no experience, no background. Can I learn Taiji or Kung Fu?
A: Of course you can. Many of our students were just like you when they first joined us, but after just a few months of dedicated practice at JING, they were ready to begin competing! We will teach you step by step, with the best methods possible. Have confidence: you will be great.

On the other extreme, some of Siu-Fong's Taiji students have had over 15 years of experience in teaching martial arts before they ever met her! And they have benefited greatly from studying Taiji and Wushu at JING.

Q: Am I restricted to certain days, times, or classes?
A: You can come and take ANY class you are qualified to take!  Go to
Class Information for class schedule and prerequisites.

Q: If I sign up for Taiji class, do I have to pay extra fees when I want to take Wushu, Wing Chun, weapon classes, or advance classes?
A: No! At JING, one tuition covers all the classes you want to take. Please read the previous answer.

Q: Do I have to pay full tuition in advance in one payment when I sign up?
A: No! You pay monthly! And no deposit is required!

Q: Can intermediate/advanced students go to beginner classes and vice versa?
A: Advanced/intermediate students are encouraged to go to the beginner classes to work on their basics -- basics are crucial! Advanced/intermediate classes, however, are reserved for those students who have trained long and hard enough to get into the advanced/intermediate levels and learn more complex forms and styles.

Q: How old should my child be to start Kung Fu / Wushu?
A: All children must first go through an evaluation to ensure that he/she has the requisite knowledge (left vs. right, body part names, etc), coordination, and, most important, temperament to start Wushu classes.  On average, 7 is the youngest age we accept. If your child is under 12 and you would like him/her to learn Chinese Martial Arts, please call us to set up an evaluation - maybe your child is ready now, whatever the age; or maybe your child needs another year or two to develop the temperament necessary for training at JING. (858) 578-8267

Q: Are private lessons included in the plan?
A: If personal interaction with and attention from The Instructor Himself / Herself counts as a private lesson, then, Yes! At JING, not only will you experience the good advice of senior students (what many "Private Lessons Included" actually are), you will definitely and personally receive the sage wisdom of the Instructor.

Q: So, how much is tuition?
A: Allow me to answer with a fable and a link: Let's say I have two oranges hidden behind my back, and you want an orange. One costs 25 cents, and the other costs $1. Which one do you want? Oh, what did you say -- you want to see and feel the oranges before you decide which one to buy? Good idea. You should come see and experience our school before you make any decisions based on numbers. And you can read more on our Tuition page.

Q: Great! So how do I sign up?
A: Call (858) 578-8267 to schedule your free Introductory Class. Wear a plain shirt; loose, long pants; and comfortable, low-cut shoes. Welcome!

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Benefits of Practicing Martial Arts

Q: What are some of the benefits I may expect to gain from training in Wushu and Taiji?
A: With dedicated practice, your concentration, confidence, balance, coordination, muscle tone, reflexes, speed, strength, stamina, and health (internal organs and exterior appearance) will improve. You will learn how to better defend yourself and control yourself. Your immune system get stronger! Life will be happier! Yay!

From mainstream research:

UCLA researchers say older adults who regularly took a Tai Chi class were able to boost their body's immunity to fight off shingles by 50 percent. Shingles can cause a painful skin rash with intermittent pain outbreaks that can last for months or years. Even when the rash goes away, the area can remain extremely painful to the touch. The virus lurks in the nerves of virtually everyone who has had chicken pox. But as we age, our immune system often gives way to the disease.

Q: Can I lose weight and stay young by doing Wushu or Taiji?
A: Definitely.

Taiji has been considered for hundreds of years as "The Fountain of Youth".  It is a natural and easy way to keep fit and stay young! It is good for all ages, is very aerobic (when done properly), and is a load-bearing exercise (good for strengthening bones). Taiji has been known to heal back pain, insomnia, arthritis, and fatigue.

Wushu (a powerful kung fu and self defense technique) is a little bit more athletic. It is excellent for children and vigorous teens and adults, or for people who want to become vigorous!

In Summary, Wushu, Kungfu, Taiji can:
* Clear meridian channels, raise spirits, promote the power of qi
* Enhance blood circulation, nurture vitality and inner energy
* Release fatigue, strengthen joints and internal organs
* Improve balance, immunity, muscle tone, flexibility and coordination
* Increase energy, enhance youthful complexion and vigor
* Alleviate chronic pain and prolong life.

Career in Teaching and Performing Authentic Chinese Martial Arts

Q: After number of years of training at JNG, do you think I can make a living teaching or perform Chinese Martial Arts?
A: Well, that depends on how hard you train, how well you learn, and what you can do with your body; but there is a good chance that Yes, you will be able to! For example, Cirque Du Soleil keeps sending us audition announcements, and more and more opportunities open up all the time for qualified instructors!

JING Institute helps and supports our students.
Click here and join us as member of the JING Martial Arts family!

Directions to JING

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8666 Commerce Ave., San Diego, CA 92121
Phone (858) 578-8267