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San Diego Chinese Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Wushu, Taiji (Tai Chi), Wing Chun, Xingyi (Hsing I), Bagua, Animal Forms, Broad sword, Sword, Staff, Spear, other weapons and more. Please come to JING. You will be impressed!

White Dragon – Gold Dragon (Jinlong); White Tiger – Black Tiger in Chinese Culture and Chinese Martial Arts Kung Fu, San Diego JING Institute will tell you all about it. JING Institute: the only China certified San Diego Kung Fu, Wushu, Tai Chi School – the friendliest, largest, most powerful and “most beautiful” San Diego Chinese Martial Arts school you can ever find. In San Diego, no other school can give you the Kung Fu & taiji quality that will qualify you to the World Wushu Championships & the 2008 Olympics. JING Institute of Chinese Martial Arts is the one and only one in San Diego.

Gold Dragon (Jinlong) And Its Duan Wei Zhi in Kung Fu / Wushu
Black Belt System Never Used in Chinese Martial Arts History

The Chinese Wushu Association has adopted 3 animals -- Long (dragon), Hu (tiger) and Ying (eagle) - -as symbols for advanced, intermediate and beginning levels, respectively. Each animal-level is further differentiated into 3 different ‘colors’ -- bronze, silver and gold -- to indicate a specific Duan Wei (level or ranking) of a Chinese Martial Artist. The highest level is Jinlong (Golden Dragon). The (Black) belt system is never used in China. If a Chinese Martial Arts school uses the (black) belt system, it is either the school does not understand the Chinese system or the school does not follow the Chinese system and makes up their own rules.

For Chinese Kung Fu, San Diego's JING Institute follows this Chinese system. In order to achieve the level of Jinlong (Golden Dragon), students must pass tests on basic Wushu skills, advanced forms, and multiple weapon proficiencies; students’ quality of wushu must be as good as that of Chinese professional athletes.

If you want the highest quality of Chinese Martial Arts Kung Fu, San Diego's JING Institute will guide you not only to the Golden Dragon Kung Fu level, but also our Chinese culture. Come and visit San Diego's JING institute and prove it to yourself!

We do not use color belts, and therefore our students do not have to buy color belt after color belt. While the color belt system has its uses, it comes from Korean and Japanese tradition, not the Chinese traditions, and we like to follow Chinese traditions as purely as possible!

Note: Many students and parents complained to us that they are forced to buy color belts in their former martial arts schools.

If a Kung Fu/Wushu school uses the color belt system, then you are your own judge to evaluate the school --- "How much does it cost me to buy belt after belt?" "Does the Chinese Wushu authority in China recognize its belt system?" In fact, the answers are "expensive" and "No" respectively.

About the Gold Dragon and the Tiger

In Chinese culture, the Dragon symbolizes power: Power, the Emperor, the Chinese People, and China itself. Based on the study by San Diego's Chinese College Instructor Siu-Fong Evans, Chinese tradition does not distinguish between the different color dragons -- White Dragon, Yellow Dragon, Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Rainbow Bright Dragon --, but it does distinguish between the precious metals, Gold being the most refined, valuable, and desirable of them all; and that is why our Chinese rankings run from bronze through silver to gold, and never touch White Dragon or Red Dragon. The Tiger --- usually a White Tiger or a traditional Yellow Tiger (and always a Striped Tiger) --- is used as a symbol for energy in Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu or Wushu). Although Ma (horse) is used in war time and hunting time, Ma is not included in any level. Jinlong is the highest level among the Dragon, Tiger and Eagle. As with the Dragon, the particular color "White Tiger", "Black Tiger" or "Yellow Tiger" is not used as a Chinese Symbol like the Dragon.

If you like dragons, we believe you like our Chinese culture. In San Diego, we are the only "Chinese" Institute of Martial Arts and Culture! Come to JING Institute to learn our culture in Mandarin language, Chinese Arts, Chinese Kungfu, Wushu, Taiji, Guasha, even the Chinese Abacus.

Below is the list for the Chinese Martial Arts level system.

Symbol - Duan Wei (level)


Gold Dragon / Jinlong - jiu duan (ninth level, highest level)
Silver Dragon / Yinlong - ba duan (eighth level)
Bronze Dragon / Qinglong - qi duan (seventh level)

Intermediate Level:

Gold Tiger / Jinhu - liu duan (sixth level)
Silver Tiger/ Yinhu - wu duan (fifth level)
Bronze Tiger / Qinghu - si duan (fourth level)

Beginning Level:

Gold Eagle /Jinying- san duan (third level)
Silver Eagle/ Yinying - er duan (second level)
Bronze Eagle / Qingying - yi duan (first level)

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