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All the Different Styles of Martial Arts

The study of martial arts has two great and obvious benefits: health and self-defense. In San Diego, you can learn any number of martial arts from highly skilled and qualified teachers, including Ultimate Fighting, Karate, Tae Kwon Do (Taekwondo), Hapkido, Kenpo / Kempo, Aikido, Kick boxing, Tang Soo Do, Mui Thai (Thai Boxing), Judo, Krav Maga, Chinese Kung Fu, Wushu, Tai Chi (Taiji), XingYi (Hsing-I), Bagua, etc, etc, etc. San Diego is a great city, rich in the resource of People. Ultimate Fighting & Karate in San Diego is very rich. You can find them everywhere. Chinese Martial Arts in San Diego, JING Institute is the only one, and the best one in southern California.

At San Diego’s JING Institute, many of our students have learned other martial arts; some have earned black belts in Karate or Kenpo or Tae Kwon Do (Taekwondo) in San Diego; and a few teach those arts professionally. Many have had Kung Fu lessons from other schools. When we ask them why they decided to learn Chinese Martial Arts, now, at JING, they tell us that Ultimate Fighting & Karate are good, but now they would like to study with us because the Chinese Martial Arts are elegant and powerful, and they think that we’re good: that they love watching Jet Li and Jackie Chan’s movies, and want to be as smooth and fast as that; that they saw Siu-Fong perform and fell in love with Taiji; that they saw our Wushu coaches and students at some tournament, and couldn’t believe that such speeds were humanly possible. Because it’s powerful. Because it’s beautiful. Because it’s a really, really great workout, and you never have to stop: who ever heard of an “ex-Kungfu Master”? Chinese Martial Artists don’t grow old – they grow Better! And they come to us because they feel they can trust us: we have proved ourselves in the tournament ring, and stay close to the official Chinese Martial Art societies in the US and in China.

And we offer so many different Chinese Martial Arts – Wing Chun, all the major Taiji styles (styles, not just forms!), and more Wushu / Kungfu than you can imagine – that students can try each out and decide what’s right for them without even leaving the building!

Each martial arts has its own style, its own taste; I like fruit smoothies, You prefer dried fruits; I do Taiji, you prefer Tae Kwon Do. It’s okay! If you are curious, and want to try out what I have – come play! And if you feel like you don’t need to try it out, it’s not for you – that’s okay! We’re all still fruit-lovers, after all! And no one says you have to give up one just to learn another – knowledge is accumulative, and human potential limitless.

Please note that in San Diego, there is only one professional Chinese Martial Artist: our Wushu coach ! Not only is our Wushu coach the champion of many Wushu tournaments, San Diego's JING Institute is honored to have our Wushu coach and encourages everyone to take advantage of her! Human Resource #1!

If you want better health, a better physique, self defense skills, or movement to music: please come to JING. We welcome visitors to watch our classes. Let us show you authentic Chinese Martial Arts.

On to a different topic: Unlike many other schools, JING Institute of Chinese Martial Arts does not require long-term contracts. Students can buy as little as one lesson, one month, or as much as 3 years, all at reasonable prices. We do not charge separately for “weapons classes” or “Taiji classes” – one “JING time-card” does it all, be it Kungfu, Wushu, Taiji, Wing Chun, Moving Fighting, Weapons. Our flexible time card policy allows students to come any day, any time, and take any class that they desire (so long as we’re open). Come at 4pm and stay until 8:30pm, if you want!

And unlike many other schools, JING has a friendly refund policy: if a student decides to cancel a long-term plan with us, he/she can cancel and get a refund based on the contract terms, no questions asked. So come visit!

Why I Like Chinese Martial Arts? A great article.
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