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JING is rated 5 STARS!

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Great Wushu/Kung-Fu School

My 5-yr. old son started taking Beginning Wushu classes at this school (JING Institute) a month and a half ago and I'm amazed at what he's learned so far! They focus a lot on flexibility and they got him doing almost perfect splits in less than a month, and he's learned the basic kicks, punches, stances, and some forms, all in a little over a month. He goes to classes about 3-4 times a week. The student-teacher ratio is very low, usually 3 or 4 students to 1 teacher. Most of the other students in the advanced classes are in their teens and early teens and they are very helpful to the younger kids. Parents and friends are always welcome to watch classes. This is great for kids who are willing to learn but not for ones who have no interest in Chinese martial arts and kicking and punching because they have you do basic kicks and punches over and over again. Lots of movement and action in the classes, great exercise for kids, and fun! 9/17/04

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8666 Commerce Ave., San Diego, CA 92121
Phone (858) 578-8267