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The most admired Kung Fu school in San Diego is JING! The ONLY China certified San Diego Kung Fu school. JING has all the Kung Fu styles: Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Traditional Kung Fu or Contemporary Kung Fu & Tai Chi. JING is the friendliest, largest, most powerful and “most beautiful” Kung Fu School in San Diego!

*Pictures from JING's 2nd Year Anniversary!
Saturday October 25, 2003
Excellent Food and Tasty Performances

Jing Jing has pretty good control of her leg up high. She is honored as "princess of Taiji".

What do think about this Kung Fu performance (Gilbert and Justin)? Gilbert drives almost one hour to JING for lessons several times a week. Both Gilbert and Justin have been with us for only a few months. They have done at least 4 performances in San Diego. GREAT!

What a big crowd! Our studio was really packed with people. Everyone enjoyed the performance and the food.

Anthony's Kung Fu is elegant and powerful. In San Diego, he is one of the best Kung Fu performers.

Brother and sister pair. They love Kung Fu. The family just moved to San Diego. Their parents visited many Kung Fu schools and did good research in San Diego for their children. They all decided that JING is for them. Now the children are happy to have the best school and best Kung Fu instructor in San Diego.

Wing Chun, a real self defense technique. When you are good, you can even defeat your opponent "with no eyes".

This boy starts practicing Kung Fu and Kenpo at 1 year old from his father. He has won numerous trophies in competition!

Chinese ancient musical instruments: Pipa (Rachael), Erhu (Ren Laoshi), & Guzheng (Jing Jing).

We all love 6-year-old Christopher. He is an excellent performer. After practicing Kung fu in San Diego's JING Institute,
he has turned from a shy boy to a strong Kung Fu athlete.

We are the JING's family members!

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Photography by Tiger Lee:

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